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A travelling  installations of  BIOS VINCENT
opening at 6 pm. October 16 2020, piazza XXV Aprile, Milan



The Vertical Line association presents Will you still love me tomorrow? a traveling installation of public art created by the artist Bios Vincent and dedicated to the female universe, explored in its individuality and in its social and collective role, in its divine and at the same time human dimension, in its strength and fragility, in its ability to resist violence and abuse.
The installation is made up of a thousand hearts of raw realism, modeled with raw concrete that lets cracks emerge on the rough surface, barely veiled in color. The hearts are pierced through by an arrow, on each of which there is a different message indicating the experiences, hopes, the will of women who have joined the initiative in order to reflect and make people think about love capacity to last over time, in good times and even more in bad times, when the need of the other’s closeness becomes even more urgent and fundamental.
The complete installation, with all the messages received, will be exhibited in a square in
Milan on October 12, 2020 - the year that the city dedicates to womens talent.


Women of all ages and nationalities, be they mothers, daughters, wives, friends, partners, sisters are invited to participate in the creation of the messages to be shown on the arrows.

Starting from June 2020, the artist will present the project in various squares in Milan, with particular attention to the suburbs, in order to start a reflection that should be extended to the whole city and the country.

The message to be shown on every single arrows must express a message of love, in a broad sense, with a maximum length of thirty characters. You can write messages in several languages. Offensive or strictly personal messages, contrary to the spirit of the project, will not be accepted.

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